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IQuest is a monthly program for smart and curious middle school students in grades 6-8. While each IQuest is different, you can always expect challenging projects and games that inspire out-of-the-box solutions to real world problems. IQuest takes place on the second Saturday of most months from 4-8 pm. 

IQuest details:

  • Cost: $5 – Kids Only! Paid reservations required
  • Refreshments: Admission includes slice of pizza and a drink
  • Tickets: Paid reservations required; please purchase tickets online using the links below or email Tish at

Programs and Online Tickets:

      • January 12: What on Earth?
        What is the Earth made of and how does that affect the living things that depend on it?  Discover the stories that are told in the rocks and dirt beneath our feet.
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      • February 9: Incredible Journeys
        How and why do animals migrate?  Follow the paths of both ancient and modern animals as we learn about the causes and effects of their movements around the globe.
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      • March 9: Move It!
        Understanding animal movers and shakers.  Explore the sciences that help living things perform Olympic-level feats of strength, speed and aerodynamics.
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