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IQuest is a monthly program for middle school students in grades 6-8. While each IQuest is different, you can always expect challenging projects and games that inspire out-of-the-box solutions to real world problems. IQuest takes place on the second Saturday of most months from 4-8 pm. 

IQuest details:

  • Cost: $5 – Kids Only! Paid reservations required
  • Refreshments: Admission includes slice of pizza and a drink
  • Tickets: Paid reservations required; please purchase tickets online using the links below or email Tish at

Programs and Online Tickets:

  • August 11: Reinventing the Wheel
    Can you make something out of nothing? Scientists try to understand the order behind the chaos; artists see beauty where others might just see “stuff.” In this IQuest, we’ll take our found pieces and parts from last month to frame a new story.
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  • September 8: Pathways to Knowledge
    Is everything really connected to everything else? How and why? Join us for an exploration of connections and plan a personal journey around the Museum – and then connect to others as you share your discoveries see how technology can take them into the larger world.
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