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Planetarium Show Descriptions

Planetarium Show Descriptions

Bishop Planetarium Show Descriptions

Perfect Little Planet

23 minutes. What if you could travel the galaxy to find that ideal place? Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive down the ice cliffs of Miranda. Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms at Jupiter. And walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? Created by Clark Planetarium Productions. (This solar system journey is ideal for space travelers of all ages.)

Passport to the Universe

20 minutes. Taking audiences on an unforgettable voyage of billions of light-years, Passport to the Universe is an incredible journey from our home planet and the Milky Way galaxy to the edge of the universe. Audiences fly beneath the rings of Saturn, into the heart of the Orion Nebula, and out into the vastness of the observable universe, experiencing these and other stunning cosmic destinations as never before possible. Using real science and cutting-edge technology to create immersive experiences that educate and inspire, Passport to the Universe is an unprecedented virtual tour that takes audiences to the limits of the universe and back again. Narrated by Tom Hanks. Developed by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Journey to the Stars

(25 minutes) This spectacular Space Show is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg, featuring extraordinary images from telescopes on the ground and in space and stunning, never-before-seen visualizations of physics-based simulations. The dazzlingJourney to the Stars launches visitors through space and time to experience the life and death of the stars in our night sky, including our own nurturing Sun. Tour familiar stellar formations, explore new celestial mysteries, and discover the fascinating, unfolding story that connects us all to the stars. Those who come along for the journey may never see the night sky in the same way again.

Journey to the Stars is an engrossing, immersive theater experience created by the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium astrophysicists, scientific visualization, and media production experts with the cooperation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and more than 40 leading scientists from the United States and abroad.

Dark Universe

(25 minutes) Featuring exquisite renderings of enigmatic cosmic phenomena, seminal scientific instruments, and spectacular scenes in deep space, Dark Universe celebrates the pivotal discoveries that have led us to greater knowledge of the structure and history of the universe and our place in it-and to new frontiers for exploration. Narrated by astrophysicist and prolific science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson, this immersive program is a spectacular way to show off what our dome can do.  In stunningly detailed scenes based on authentic scientific data-including a NASA probe’s breathtaking plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere and novel visualizations of unobservable dark matter – Dark Universe explores this new age of cosmic discovery and reveals the mysteries that have been brought to light so far.

Dark Universe was created by the American Museum of Natural History, the Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space, and the Hayden Planetarium.

Let It Snow!

Let it Snow features a variety of festive classics from Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry to Burl Ives and Brenda Lee, and includes a stunning multi-media finale by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The soundtrack is visually enhanced with thematic animation, special effects and all-dome scenery. The 32-minute program is a fun and entertaining experience for all ages, especially families.

SpacePark 360

SpacePark360 is designed to recreate the experience of amusement park thrill rides – roller coasters, pendulums, inverters and more. Seen from the rider’s perspective, SpacePark360 recreates heart pounding thrill rides to create a unique entertainment show never seen before on the dome. From the tops of Jupiter’s clouds to the icy depths of Neptune’s moon Triton, each location serves to heighten the thrilling experience.

Live Star Talk

Join a staff astronomer for an “old fashioned” planetarium show. You’ll learn how to find the stars, planets and constellations visible from Bradenton over the coming weeks.

The Rock Hall of Fame

No, it isn’t a laser show – it’s better! Forty-five minutes of your favorite classic rock and roll, including the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd set to mind-boggling computer-generated animations on the planetarium’s dome. Twenty five thousand watts of surround sound bliss for you and 124 of your closest friends. Please note: Rock Hall of Fame is shown only on the first Saturday night of each month at 7:15 pm.