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201 10th St. W

Bradenton, FL 34205

Museum First Floor

Museum First Floor

South Florida Museum First Floor

South Florida Museum Permanent Exhibits

The first floor features fossil evidence of Florida’s earliest marine and mammal inhabitants and archaeological material representing paleoindian, archaic and pre-contact cultures. You will find the Great Hall, Land of Change, Fabulous Florida Seas, Archaic Peoples and the Tallant Gallery brimming with information and objects that reflect the prehistory of Gulf Coast Florida.

Temporary Exhibits (East Gallery)


The same science and engineering that helps us to create new technologies scan also help us to understand how our bodies work, and how we can improve our physical prowess. In Sportsology, you’ll have the opportunity to try a number of physical activities, because it’s fun. But you’ll also get to learn about the science behind how your nerves and muscles work, why stretching can improve your performance, and even how physics and gravity affect your fastball. You may not be as fast as a panther, strong as a bear, or quick as a fox, but the human body is capable of remarkable physical feats. So explore Sportsology to learn more about the amazing things your body can do, and how it is able to do them.

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Spanish Courtyard

The dramatic architecture of the Spanish Courtyard revisits the elegance of another time: picturesque columns and arches, ornate wrought-iron gates, chandeliers and lamp posts, and a beautiful fountain with an equestrian statue of Hernando De Soto. Adjacent to the open-air plaza, the covered colonnade offers a panoramic underwater view of our manatee(s)-in-residence.