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Classroom Outreach Programs

Classroom Outreach Programs

Classroom Outreach Programs

Maybe you can’t make it to the Museum. Or maybe you want to extend your students’ learning with a pre- or post-field trip program. Either way, our outreach programs are a great way to bring the Museum’s resources directly into your classroom.

In-class Programs

Please contact Tish Sacks at (941) 746-4131 ext. 131 to schedule a program or programs for your school.

The Solar System at Your Fingertips
(Earth & Space Science)

Students will create two models (size and distance) of the solar system, which will serve as launching points for discussion and questions and answers with staff from the Bishop Planetarium. (45 minutes. Distance model requires outdoor space.)

Grades: K-8
Time Required: 45 minutes
Cost: $75/class. Up to four classes per day


SC.K.E.5.1, SC.K.E.5.6, SC.3.E.5.3, SC.3.E.5.4, SC.4.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4, SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.2, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.8.E.5.1, SC.8.E.5.3, SC.8.E.5.4, SC.8.E.5.5, SC.8.E.5.7, SC.8.E.5.8, SC.912.E.5.3, SC.912.E.5.4, SC.912.E.5.5, SC.4.N.1.1, SC.4..N.1.7, SC.7.L.15.1, SC.7.L.15.2, SC.7.L.15.3, SC.912.L.15.1, SC.912.L.15.2, SC.912.L.15.3

DNA Extractions
(Life Science, General Science)

All organisms on Earth have the same “instruction manual” that tells them how to go about being alive. DNA is a remarkable molecule, and it is remarkably easy to extract from cells. Students will gather their own cheek cells, break open the cellular membranes to expose the nuclei, then break open the nuclei to extract their own DNA. A great way to explore basic cell structure and introduce students to the concept of DNA.

Grades: 4 and up
Cost: $100/class
Time required: 45 minutes


SC.4.L.16.2, SC.4.L.16.3, SC.6.L.14.2, SC.6.L.14.3, SC.6.L.14.4, SC.7.L.15.2, SC.7.L.16.1, SC.7.L.16.2, SC.912.L.14.1, SC.912.L.14.6