Explore the Universe in the Bishop Planetarium

KidSpace is a new program for kids who want to explore everything there is to know about space and become Masters of the Universe. From 10:15 a.m. to 11 a.m. each Saturday morning, we’ll unleash the awesome power of the Bishop Planetarium, taking off from Earth’s surface and flying to places no human has gone before: the Sun, the planets, other moons of our solar system, newly discovered solar systems in our galaxy and beyond. The planetarium has a virtual reality, fly-through atlas of the entire universe, so there’s no place that we can’t go!

KidSpace is for kids in elementary school, grades 1-5, and their grown-ups. There will be a new series each quarter, which will allow us to explore different aspects of the universe for a few months in great detail. We’ll explore something and someplace new each week and learn about one new constellation in the current nighttime sky — that way can get out and explore the stars from your own backyard. 

Drop in for a single exploration, or sign up for a whole series and get a certificate declaring your expertise.

  • Cost: $5 for non-members, $3 for members. (Museum admission is not included in KidSpace program admission. Non-members who plan to stay and enjoy the Museum for the day can add the discounted price of $3 per person to their Museum admission.) 
  • Series: You can also sign up for a whole, quarterly series and get a discounted rate of $48 per person for non-members, $24 per person for members — that’s $1 off each exploration.
  • Tickets: Register with a credit card online by clicking the links below or get tickets & series passes at the museum’s front desk. (Seats are limited.)

“We’ve been celebrating the 50th year of the Bishop Planetarium and we asked ourselves ‘what’s in store for the next fifty years?’ said Planetarium Director Jeff Rodgers. “Space science –what we’re learning about our universe - gets more exciting every day. We wanted to make a program just for kids and families, so that they could be in on the excitement. Maybe the next Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking or Lisa Randall will get their start right here in Bradenton. I know that if I was a kid, I’d like nothing better than to virtually fly through the universe making discoveries on Saturday mornings.”

February 11
Ophiuchus and the 13th Sign of the Zodiac
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February 18
Cygnus and Its Star Fields 
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February 25
Lyra and the Ring Nebula
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March 4
Aquila and the Summer Triangle 
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March 11
Andromeda and Her Galaxy 
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March 18 
Perseus and the Double Cluster 
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March 25
Cetus and the Mira Star
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