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September 2012

Posted on 9/11/2012 by Emmalee Legler in Mars Bishop Planetarium Antares zodiac Libra Blue Moon Saturn Spica Sagittarius Orin's Bel Scorpius

With a Blue Moon coming on August 31st, Saturn and Mars hanging out in the western sky, the bright stars of the Summer Triangle high overhead and the full stretch of Scorpius in the southern skies, I gotta say, “It’s a zoo up there.”

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June 2012

Posted on 6/12/2012 by Emmalee Legler in Sun Mars Venus Bishop Planetarium Transit of Venus stars Galileo red supergiant star Antares

To the ancients, there were particular “stars” that behaved rather badly. These were the Wanderers. They came and went somewhat predictably, but without the regularity of the fixed stars and constellations. Those who could predict these comings and goings held special sway – for the Wanderers surely carried messages of the important goings-on of the gods. And kings paid handsomely for knowledge of what the gods were up to.

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