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Second Floor Galleries

The Visible Storage Gallery

Portions of the extensive collection are rotated for viewing.
Visible Storage Gallery

River Heritage Hall

Examine the economics, government, culture and geography of the community with a focus of local maritime history.

Medical History

Medical history of the community is explored through collections of antique medical equipment, recreated doctors offices, an operating room and early 20th century pharmacy.

The Patron's Gallery includes collections generously donated by the founders of the South Florida Museum

The Patrons Gallery

The Patrons Gallery acknowledges the generosity of the museum founders and exhibits extraordinary decorative arts.

Environmental Hall

Exhibits in the Environmental Wing are designed to educate all visitors about Florida’s environment incorporating the past, present and future. The message of the three exhibits; Riverine, Pine Uplands and Estuary focus on environmental awareness of our regions unique bio diversity. Read More »

Now open in the Rincon Gallery:

A Walk in the Park: Exploring Manatee's Preserves
Photography by Grant Jefferies 

Exhibit included with Museum admission through May 28, 2017

"Curious?" by Grant Jefferies, taken at Curiosity Creek Preserve. 

The South Florida Museum is excited to announce a new exhibition  on display in our second floor Rincon Gallery through May 28, 2017. A Walk in the Park: Exploring Manatee's Preserves features the work of photographer Grant Jefferies. The exhibition includes more than 20 photographs taken throughout Manatee County's preserves. The photos highlight the natural beauty of the landscapes and the wildlife that can be found in our area.

Grant Jefferies, a Manatee County native, is an award-winning photojournalist who has been photographing his beloved Manatee County for the Bradenton Herald for more than 30 years. He recently retired as chief photographer of the Bradenton Herald to focus on documenting the area's natural beauty, with a particular eye toward sharing the natural resources across Florida and the efforts to conserve the state's finest treasures.

Jefferies brings his perspective as an area native and as a seasoned photojournalist to the project. He sees the photos as a way to connect with the community and encourage the ongoing protection of these special places. "Preserves and conservation areas are the reflection of the heart and soul of a community. How a community embraces its natural treasures says a lot about the people who reside, work and play there." Jefferies continued, "Preservation is the key to the health of our county. From the headwaters of the Manatee River to the Gulf of Mexico's shoreline, protecting our water, food, and air are vital. The emotional and aesthetic benefits of the land, the flight of a bird, or a simple walk in the park, are important to preserving our emotional health and well-being."

"American Bald Eagle" by Grant Jefferies, taken at Robinson Preserve.
The Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department works to protect and conserve over 30,000 acres of public land in the 12 county preserves and other natural areas providing stewardship for the wildlife that live there and public access to these resources. Museum Curator Matthew Woodside says, "We hope this exhibition of Grant's work will inspire our patrons to visit, or in some cases revisit, and reconnect with these vital natural resources that are right here in our "backyard." Preserving these wonderful places -- and the appreciation for the work being done to protect, conserve and restore these habitats and ecosystems -- will help provide a healthy balance between the built environment and wilderness so important for our quality of life."

The county's preserves are relatively small compared to nearby counties. While the county operates on a smaller scale than others in the state, it excels in its emphasis on access, recreational amenities and interpretation for the more than 700,000 visitors a year. Charlie Hunsicker, Director of Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources, stated it simply, "We have a passion for it. Our conservation programs begin and end with our employees and volunteers, for all residents and visitors to these beautiful places."

The exhibition is included with South Florida Museum general admission prices. Visitors may purchase tickets to the Museum online here or at the Museum's main entrance.