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East Gallery


Clyde Butcher's Cuba - The Natural Beauty
Open through January 17, 2016 in the Museum’s East Gallery

"As we traveled down Via Escencia the beauty and similarity  
to Highway One in California repeatedly occurred. 
I had a great time photographing the area ... so many textures and shapes!"
~  Clyde Butcher

The South Florida Museum will present Clyde Butcher's photography exhibition Cuba - The Natural Beauty as the focal point of several Cuba related exhibitions and program components between October, 2015 and January, 2016. 

Commissioned by the United Nations to create a portfolio of the mountainous lands of Cuba in 2002, Clyde Butcher set out on three week-long expeditions into unfamiliar lands. He explored the island country's varied geographic regions, from the Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba's eastern Granma province, to the southern coast between Manzananilo and Santiago de Cuba. He ventured to places including Baracoa in the northeast, the southern waterfalls of the Serra de San Juan, and the mogotes of the west in the Pinar del Rio region. 

While taking photographs for the Conference for the Sustainable Habitat of the Mountains, Clyde thought about being part of an event changing history for the better, and enthusiastically saw an opportunity to make a positive difference. His photography transcends political boundaries, challenging us to work together to protect natural places across the globe.

The South Florida Museum is honored to host this amazing exhibit which is comprised of photographs taken during Butcher's three expeditions to the mountains of Cuba. Butcher, who is best known for his evocative black and white photographs of Florida wetlands, developed by hand only 15 silver gelatin prints of each photograph of his Cuba collection, ranging in size from 16x20 inches to 30x40 inches. The collection includes 26 large format photos from the series.
"It is my hope that these photographs open to the world unseen beauty that lies just 90 miles to the south of Florida," Butcher said.

Clyde Butcher's Mogote 5

Lynne Buchanan's Cuba On the Brink of Change

In addition to the Clyde Butcher centerpiece exhibition, the South Florida Museum will present additional exhibition and programmatic components on the subject of Cuba, including:

Lynne Buchanan's Cuba On the Brink of Change - running concurrently with Clyde Butcher's Cuba - The Natural Beauty through January 16, 2016. (Included with Museum General Admission) Lynne Buchanan visited Cuba in the Fall of 2014, capturing the faces and landscape of a country on the verge of change. Ms. Buchanan says, "The purpose of this project was to document and connect with the culture and spirit of the people before the doors are fully opened to the United States and development. Through my work, I attempted to capture their fresh spirit and willingness to connect with me, an outsider looking in with a great desire to understand and an appreciation of the environmental bubble they have been living in, which is partially due to economic and political sanctions." 

Guantanamo Street Scene by Lynne Buchanan