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Snooty Facts

Birthday: July 21, 1948 at the old Miami Aquarium
Sex: Male
Length: 9 feet 8 inches
Weight:  1230 pounds
Girth: 87.5 inches
Food: Herbivore; consumes 70 - 80 lbs. each day: lettuce, carrots, kale, cabbage, broccoli, sweet potato and apples.


Born on July 21, 1948, at the old Miami Aquarium and Tackle Company, Snooty was the first recorded birth of a manatee in captivity. “Baby Snoots” was brought to Bradenton as part of the 1949 Desoto Celebration. Since then, he has greeted more than one million visitors.

Snooty, our very own ambassador for manatees and other endangered species has participated in training with New College and the Mote Marine Laboratory staff, contributing to our knowledge of manatees. In addition, he is the subject of informative talks given several times daily to visitors of all ages, covering everything from eating habits and reproduction to physiology.

68 year-old Snooty is Manatee County’s official mascot, and the aquarium staff helps him “correspond” with students from around the country. These students, in turn, share their knowledge with their classmates. Each year, several generations of visitors help Snooty celebrate his birthday at a free Birthday Bash and Wildlife Awareness Festival, complete with a birthday card contest and treats for the kids. This is very special because Snooty was the first manatee to have an actual, recorded birth date!

Thanks to community support and encouragement, a larger home for Snooty, the Parker Manatee Aquarium, opened in November 1993, built to house three adult manatees.

In February 1998, as part of the Manatee Rehabilitation Network, Snooty welcomed his first pool-mate “Newton”. Snooty has also shared his pool with Mo, Palma Sola, Desoto Park, Salvador, Angelito, Fort Myers Baby, Passe Grille Baby , Whitaker, Muddy Baron,  Little Coral, Snitch, Baby Coral , Baby Sister, Coral Lee,  Little Nap, Cayman, Bolee, UPC,  Dese, Brandee, Charlie, Epac, Cheeno, Longo, Ace, Myakklemore, Icecube and Sarasolo. These manatees were rescued for various reasons; rehabilitated here and released back into the wild. 

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