Public Presentations


Manatee Feeding & 
Presentation Times:

 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, & 3:45 pm
 12:30 pm, 2:00pm, & 3:30 pm

Spiny & Tiny 
Touch Tank Times:

1 pm & 2:45 pm
1 pm

*Schedules subject to normal operating hours

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who have donated the dive gear our staff is using.

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Manatee Husbandry and Aquarium Internship

Interested in a career in marine animal care?

The South Florida Museum is now accepting applications for our Manatee Husbandry and Aquarium Internship! Full or part-time positions available!


This internship is designed to help aspiring marine mammal caretakers, animal keepers and aquarists acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue work in this field. Interns will have a rare opportunity to assist staff in caring for our resident manatee Snooty™, current rehabilitation manatees and our aquarium exhibits. Interns should be able to handle high levels of responsibility, demonstrate self-motivation and perform physical labor in various conditions. During your internship, you will learn how to prepare diets, maintain exhibits, provide enrichment, behavioral monitoring, water testing, data entry and give public presentations. Students may also have opportunity to assist staff with aquatic animal collections for our exhibits and aquatic plant collections for our manatees. This is not a marine mammal training internship, however positive reinforcement and husbandry behaviors are a daily practice and will be a component of this program. The opportunity to participate in exams or releases may arise but is not guaranteed. This internship is an unpaid position but will reward students with the hands-on experience that is essential to gaining employment in the zoological field. Housing and transportation is not provided. The Aquarium at the South Florida Museum is home to resident manatee Snooty, the oldest-known manatee, and serves as a 2nd stage rehabilitation facility as part of the Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership. We also feature a number of saltwater and freshwater exhibits pertaining to the Florida ecosystem. Full or part-time positions are available.

Eligibility and Requirements:

·         Must be college Sophomore, Junior, Senior or recent graduate.

·         Interested in pursuing a career in any of the marine sciences, zoological field or related field.

·         Coursework or Major in biology, ecology, environmental studies, psychology, marine biology, animal behavior or related studies.

·         Previous animal experience, such as volunteering at an animal shelter or completing other marine mammal internships at other facilities. SCUBA, First Aid and CPR certification is also a plus but not required.

·         Public speaking and guest interaction skills a must. *Must be English speaking*

·         Must be able to work in harsh climates and lift up to 50 lbs.

·         Open to those interested in research projects and course credit.

·         Must have reliable transportation and housing.



   Start Dates

Application Deadline




December 1st

Late December



March 1st

Late March



June 1st

Late June



September 1st

Late September




How to Apply:

Please complete application, include a cover letter, resume and email all materials to
 Download Application Here 

For questions regarding the internship please email