Life & Environmental Science Resources

General Resources

Excerpts from On the Origin of Species w/ link to full text

Understanding Evolution for Teachers(Berkeley University)

Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution(PBS)

Dolan DNA Learning Center (excellent tutorials on DNA and genetics)

American Museum of Natural History Resources for Learning - Biology (lesson plan archive)

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes (lesson plan archive)

Evolution & Classification Lab (by Robert P. Gendron. Grades 8 and up) PDF   Word

Teaching About Evolution & the Nature of Science(online book, National Academies Press)


Cell Size & Scale from the University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center

Amazing Cells from the University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center

Inside a Cell talk and animation from David Bolinsky via TED

Cells Alive! interactive cell model animations

DNA & Genetics

DNA From the Beginning from the Dolan DNA Learning Center. A fantastic and very thorough resource.

How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs Meiosis from Nova Online "Life's Greatest Miracle"

Punnett Squares

Breeding Albino Lemming. Interactive website. Requires Flash

Drag and Drop Genetics (Note: when typing in answers, you must include "%" sign)


                  Practicing Punnett Squares worksheet


Natural Selection

Please have your parents look at these resources with you, and feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Natural Selection from Berkeley University's Understanding Evolution website

Darwin's Evolution Game from the Science Channel Online

Phylogenetic Trees/ Cladistics/Cladograms

How To Read a Phylogenetic Tree from Berkeley University

Understanding Cladistics from the American Museum of Natural History

Cladistics - with a short interactive

What Did T.Rex Taste Like?


Virtual Earthworm Dissection

Earthworm Anatomy Overview from Cornell University


Grasshopper Lab Photographic Tutorial from the University of Buffalo

Interactive Virtual Grasshopper from Iowa State University


Illustrated Squid Dissection Lab from Mississippi State University

Photographic Squid Anatomy Review from Cornell University


Dogfish Shark Dissection, with video,  from the American Museum of Natural History


Perch Dissection Student Guide (pdf file)


Virtual Frog Dissection


Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection